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Present your company 24 times to the customer

Regardless of the field in which your company operates, 24doors will take your Christmas business to a new level. Are you ready? Then let's go!

Everything your advent calendar needs

Make your calendar an eye-catcher

The platform that not only creates Advent calendars, but also puts a smile on the faces of customers and employees.

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    Your own branding

    Your own branding

    Good branding sticks in mind! That's why we work together to ensure that your calendar is completely customized to your company and your branding.

  • Images/Graphics


    Product images, explanations, a picture of your great team or illustrations... There are no limits to your ideas here!



    Address your customers directly with personal videos or integrate marketing recordings with ease.

  • Links


    Would you like to link to your website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or something else? No problem! Anything is possible in your calendar.



    Give away your own products or other gifts in your 24doors calendar and put a smile on your users' faces every day!

  • Coupons


    Increase your sales easily and sustainably by offering your customers coupons. With a 24doors calendar: easier than ever!

    Push Notifications

    Push Notifications

    No more unopened doors! We remind your customers daily via push notification to open the current door. So you can really reach your customers every day!

  • Sales channels

    Sales channels

    With your 24doors calendar, you can find out how to best reach your customers. Whether via social media, sales force or email - with our analysis you can see exactly which customer you have won through which contact. When else do you get the chance to find out?

  • Know your customer

    Know your customer

    Use 24doors to identify your customers' preferences. Thanks to our customizable redemption process, you can ask your customers anything you want.



    In the 24doors Lab you can analyze where and how your calendar is received. In real time!

Push notifications for your advent calendar

Ensuring that no user forgets their door


Communicate with your people

Push notifications remind users to open their door every day. This keeps the number of users high every day.

Notify winners

Surprise the winners of your calendar with a push notification. This makes the experience much more personal.

Keep customers engaged

Based on our many years of experience, we can say that push notifications keep the number of daily returning users high.


Give away joy!

Strengthening customer and employee loyalty has never been so easy. Easily integrate a competition into your 24doors calendar and put a smile on your customers' or employees' faces every day. Use the quiz function to ask knowledge questions about your products or your company. This will keep your customers engaged with your company for even longer!

Where is our headquarters?

  • Dusseldorf
  • Moers
  • Cologne

Example of a quiz question

Quiz Screen

Give away great presents

Do you want to give something back to your customers or employees or give away your own products? No problem. Physical or digital products can be presented and raffled off in your 24doors calendar.

Quiz Screen

Easy fulfillment

You can easily draw the winners via the 24doors Lab and inform them via the app using push notifications. The winner can then conveniently provide you with the information you need to process the prize.

Quiz Screen

Present the winner

After you have drawn your winner every day, you can also display them in your Advent calendar. This makes your competition transparent and even more exciting.

Sales channels

How to get your calendar out to people

There are an infinite number of contact points with your customers. But which one is the most efficient? Thanks to our customizable redemption process, you can evaluate exactly how you can best reach your customers.


Surprise your customers with a stylish flyer for the Advent season. This way you can refer directly to your 24doors calendar. Receive the flyer, scan the barcode, get excited... it's that easy!

Sales representative

Are your sales representatives not only good at selling, but also at giving gifts? Then why not instruct them to distribute your 24doors calendar directly?

Social media

Whether it's your own account or via paid advertising. Of course, you can also bring your own Advent calendar to your customers via Instagram, Facebook and the like.

Your website

Do you already have a very strong web presence? Great, then we can use this traffic directly! Simply place a redemption code for your 24doors calendar on your website.


Do you use a newsletter to keep your customers up to date? Then simply advertise your 24doors calendar in the November issue to reach as many customers as possible.

Your ideas

Would you like to present your 24doors calendar to your customers in a completely different way? For example via your zeppelin? No problem! Just tell us what you have in mind and we'll find a solution together.

24doors Lab

Houston... your advent calendar has landed!

The 24doors Lab is your personal advent calendar manager. There you can view the most important 24doors key figures on a daily basis. So you are always up to date.

Live data

Always keep an eye on the performance of your calendar!

Regardless of whether it's doors opened, user numbers or geographical distribution. We collect anonymous data so that you are always up to date and thus recognize trends.



+3% to the previous day


Opened doors

-2% to the previous day

Audience analysis

Manage your customers and winners in one place!

In the 24doors Lab you can see who is using your calendar at any time and can and determine the winners of your competition within seconds without much effort.


The mission report for your calendar and its performance.

Sorting data is difficult. For this very reason, you will receive a detailed evaluation of your calendar as a booklet after the Advent season - your own 24doors reporting!

Report 1 Report 2


What our customers say

This is how marketing works!

“A very interesting tool for getting to know customers better and imparting knowledge by asking specific questions about the company. This is how successful marketing works!”

Michael Zülch
Michael Zülch
Zuelch GmbH

Straight to the customer.

“Our customers have dealt with our company, our products and our services 24 times in a row. No sales representative can do that alone. We played a fun quiz on general knowledge and technical questions with our customers. The transfer of information to all of our customers' employees, right down to the trainee, is the biggest highlight - today's trainee is tomorrow's customer.”

Bernhard Pannenbecker
Bernhard Pannenbecker
Chief Executive Officer bei Innocolor Pannenbecker GmbH & Co. KG
Innocolor Pannenbecker GmbH & Co. KG

Just for everyone!

“The app is super easy to use and child's play to understand. A unique Christmas experience for young and old. I'm looking forward to next year!”

Simon Krenz
Simon Krenz
from Moers

Incredible possibilities...

“The range of personalized calendars is huge. In 2022, I had my family create their own calendar - grandma, grandpa and the whole family could hardly wait to open a new door every day!”

Julia Albrecht
Julia Albrecht
from Berlin

The unique selling point!

“A great app, cool app appearance and top tool, good unique selling point and customer loyalty tool!”

Marc Sprick
Marc Sprick
Sale representative AVZ Auto-Teile-Vertreibs-Zentrum GmbH
AVZ Auto-Teile-Vertreibs-Zentrum GmbH

Your partner for Christmas.

“We are happy to have the guys from 24doors as a partner who not only supports us with ideas, but also with expertise in the area of marketing in the Christmas business. No matter what the topic, the communication channels are always short and at eye level. Keep up the good work!”

Edwin de Witt
Edwin de Witt
Managing Director bei Innotec GmbH & Co. KG
Innotec GmbH & Co. KG

More of this!

“Getting surprised every day anew with creative ideas and cool designs. Hopefully there will be many more calendars in the coming years!”

Elias Frantzen
Elias Frantzen
from Cologne

The Christmas highlight!

“Together with 24doors, I have finally found a way to feed my customers with content during the Christmas season. And in the way I want it. Digital and innovative. Awesome!”

Daniele Dillmann
Daniele Dillmann
Royal Cocktails

A new Christmas experience...

“A completely new way of communicating at Christmas time. Very fresh, informative and funny. A calendar app with limitless possibilities.”

Thomas Wischnewski
Thomas Wischnewski
Sales representative bei Innocolor Pannenbecker GmbH & Co. KG
Innocolor Pannenbecker GmbH & Co. KG

Your calendar, your rules

Give it a try!

Play with different settings to get an idea of how you can customize your calendar for your customers and employees. Don't worry, we'll support you!

1. Company name

Enter the name of your company so that it can be displayed as the title of your calendar.

2. Background image

Choose a suitable background image. Don't worry, you can also use your own images here later!

3. Door color

Specify the door color here and adapt the calendar to your own branding as you like it.

Please note that you can only customize a few functions here. With your real 24doors calendar you can give your creativity much more freedom.

Your company


Preview of your calendar

You like what you see?

Great, then leave us your e-mail address directly. That way we can get in touch with you and put together a customized 24doors concept.

Frequently asked questions

What is on your mind?

At the top of the configurator, we have already given you the opportunity to see what a calendar for your company could look like. Of course, the customization continues in the doors! No matter whether you want to include your products, your company or other content: With 24doors you get a fully customized calendar tailored to your needs.

There are various ways to give your customers access to the calendar. If you want to send them access digitally, you can do so easily via WhatsApp, email or website. Marketing is also possible in the same way, whether by flyer or printed on other marketing items. Ultimately, any distribution channel that can display a barcode is conceivable. If you have any further questions, please get in touch with a specialist. They can discuss your marketing strategy with you free of charge.

First of all, it's great that you're interested in one of our Advent calendars. The next steps to get your customized calendar are very simple: get in touch with one of our specialists and design your calendar together with them.

The pricing of your calendar depends entirely on the amount of content and the number of customers who will download your calendar. The best way to do this is to contact one of our specialists. They will be able to help you in full.

Bild von Lou Schulz

Lou Schulz

24doors Specialist

Ask a specialist!

Do you have any more questions about your 24doors calendar? Keep them coming! Contact one of our 24doors Specialists now.